Example Routine for a 4 Month Old

Routine Example 4 Month Old Baby

What’s going on for a 4 month old and how will it effect their routine?

At 4 months of age your baby is making some huge changes in terms of development and routine. She will be more aware of her environment, will engage with you and her toys a lot more, and is developing a good memory.  And she has probably found her voice! Keep reading for examples of 4 month routines. Continue reading

How to Tell if Your Baby Has an Ear Infection

Having an illness that we don’t know about is one of the top fears amongst moms, whether it’s your first baby or you’ve got a brood full already. There is no way a baby can tell us they are unwell, and the fussiness that could indicate and illness could also be teething, tiredness, a growth spurt or the sign of a coming wonder week.

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